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Imagine a future wherein every child in India consumes safe drinking water of the best quality. Imagine a future where the contaminants we now know of are no longer an issue. Imagine a future where we are ready and responsive to the problems of the day.

What is the Platform?


An essential part of the network, the platform will have community features where a variety of stakeholders from across the board will be able to interact with each other such as field staff, community members, activists, and experts.


Sharing of knowledge and building on learnings, processes and tools are critical. The platform will act as a dynamic repository of stories, tools, and actionable processes to enable teams, individuals and organisations to take action on ground.


We believe that decisions should be made based on evidence and data, but often data is either disconnected from the human aspects of action or concentrated in the hands of experts. The platform will enable data oriented story telling, and open sharing of relevant data with the network.

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Meet the people who make up the Network today!

Field staff, Program Planners, Activists, Scientists, Designers, Technologists. Meet all the people who are the network, and see what they're interested in and where they're working.

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Read stories from teams on the ground

The network and this platform is a space to learn. Stories and narratives are the most effective tools to transfer learnings and engender a sense of community.

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